2x ROI in 14 days for our client LNR

LNR Mechanics had lost access to their Google Business Profile and it had vanished from search results. Calls from Google had stopped coming in, so their profile was in need of an emergency service and MOT of its own!
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LNR came to us after realising they had vanished from Google Maps and local search. Google enquiries had dropped off, and a fix was needed.

After failing to gain access to their profile themselves, they turned to us for help.

The quick fix resulted in a 2x return on investment in just 14 days and reduced the time LNR spent without enquiries.

We helped LNR get back on the map and work from Google is now picking back up.

a client letting us know that the work we had carried out for him resulted in 3 new leads from his local area
A message from LNR after 2 days of the new profile being live

This is how we did it:

✅ We contacted Google to let them know the problem and that the usual method of reclaiming a profile wasn’t possible.

✅ Google verified we were acting on behalf of LNR.

✅ We created a duplicate profile and asked Google to merge them so we could protect the reviews LNR had collected over the years.

✅ After some back and forth with Google, they merged the profiles and LNR is now visible again in Buckingham.

✅ We updated the services, areas and categories for LNR’s profile so they could show up in more locations.

✅ We gave LNR access to their profile again and gave advice on how to generate new reviews.

✅ Once the profile was live again, work picked up pretty much instantly and the project paid for itself in around 14 days.


Patience, experience, and quality communication with Google were the reasons how we turned this around so quickly for LNR. Our team at Conscious Vision smashed it!

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This case study demonstrates our commitment to providing a 2x ROI yet again!

Click through the images above to visually see how we did this and the results achieved.

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