Growth SEO Increases eCommerce Organic Revenue by 13% in 5 Months.

The Client

Eco-Sal is an award-winning eco-friendly eCommerce store providing plastic-free alternatives to green consumers across the UK. Sal wanted to focus on making the planet more sustainable but needed some help with their SEO. We were tasked with increasing traffic, sales and speed.

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Increase in Organic Transactions


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Organic traffic sessions


Eco-Sals rankings had potential, but previous generic SEO strategies led to declining traffic and sales over the years.

Our video review identified unoptimized category and product pages along with a meta description errors. Hosting 400+ products on Wix offered some performance issues affecting rankings and user experience. A switch to a better eCommerce platform wasn’t possible, so we aimed to optimise within Wix’s constraints.

Strategy & Campaign Rollout

We dug into Eco-Sal’s positioning before changing anything on the website. We wanted to be sure that we knew the target audience inside and out so we could rewrite copy and create content that targeted them directly.

After surveying the Eco-Sal mailing list, we knew exactly who we were trying to attract and researched keywords to rank for.

We restructured the page titles, headlines and content to top-priority pages. We also used TF-IDF techniques to add any missing words to product listings. We then compressed images across the website in order to reduce the load time and speed things up. Wix claims that they compress images already, but we believed we could make it perform even better. (and we were correct)

Another technique we used was to add something called schema to products and category pages. This helps Google read the pages better, adds review stars and makes products more appealing when searching as you can see below.

The strategy needed to be measured with data to ensure it was working as intended. Unfortunately, any previous agencies hadn’t installed GA4. We set this up in order to measure the progress of our optimisations and keep out client informed with facts.

Before adding Schema 

EcoSalGreenBleachBefore 1 e1691601159745

After adding Schema 

after adding schema to green bleach product


These changes transformed the ranking for Green Bleach, Eco Scent Boosters and other Eco-Sal products to #1 on Google. Blog posts ranking for important keywords like “Best Plastic-Free Products” also reached #1.

green bleach in the number 1 position on google

Our position-tracking software SEMrush monitors the position of our keywords. 

green bleach in the number 1 spot on google

Green bleach number 1 on Google.

keyword tracker showing a 'best plastic free products' as number one on google
plastic free blog ranking number 1

The plastic-free blog post we created ranks 1st on Google

Eco-Sals website performance also saw a boost from our work on compressing images and removing unnecessary applications. 

eco sal performance boost

Performance increases. Tests from PageSpeed Insights

analytics showing an increase of revenue by 13%

We increased users, revenue, conversion rate and sessions. 

Altogether these improvements saw Eco-Sal increase organic transactions by 25% and grow their organic revenue by 13%! Not only this, but we also increased the conversion rate to 8.57%… thats well above the industry benchmarks!

statistics showing increasings in organic revenue, conversion rate, users and transactions

This healthy and organic business growth was achieved in only 5 months and is a great sign for the future of Eco-Sal.

eco sal increase in clicks and impressions

Google Search Console clicks increased by 400 and impressions by a massive 120,000!

As you can imagine, Eco-Sal was over the moon.

They no longer need to worry about their Google rankings or try to learn SEO themselves. Instead, they now prioritise new sustainable products, which in turn boosts the impact they can have on reducing plastic use.

A massive win for the client and for the environment.

“Amazing Service!! Jimmy (Conscious Vision) has been absolutely fantastic! Could not be happier. We have only been working together for just over a month and I have already seen such an improvement in my SEO. He is very knowledgable and has kept me informed in everything. Communication is incredible. Cannot thank you enough Jimmy and am looking forward to a long working relationship!”



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