SEO for Krav Maga – Live Business Breakdown #002

by | 3 Jan, 2024

Protect yourself… before you wreck yourself.

Today’s website audit is for a Cheltenham-based self-defence gym, Active Krav Maga.

With Active Krav Maga in the top spot locally for their core keyword, the focus is improving their conversions and new members. However, there is still plenty of opportunity and potential for growth in other areas!

Here’s what I covered in today’s breakdown:

Fix the Homepage Usability Issue

Visitors to Active Krav Maga’s website are immediately taken to the bottom of the homepage, creating confusion and a poor first impression. The fix may be to change the website’s code to ensure it loads at the top of the homepage. This can be done by checking for any auto-scroll scripts or anchor tags that might be causing this issue.

Make the Call-to-Action (CTA) Functional

The CTA button, essential for conversions, is not working. The fix may be as simple as hyperlinking the image. This ensures that it leads to the intended action, like signing up for a class or contacting for more information.

Creating a Dedicated ‘About’ Page

Similar to the Gym 117 audit, there needs to be a dedicated ‘About’ page. The ‘About’ information is currently hidden on the contact page, making it slightly difficult for users (and Google) to learn more about your Krav Maga school instructors. Develop a separate ‘About’ page in the menu detailing your school’s history, mission, instructors’ qualifications, and unique selling points. This helps in building trust and authority.

Adding Footer Information and Internal Links

The website lacks a footer with helpful links, impacting navigation and user experience. Add a footer section containing essential information like contact details, quick links to important pages, and social media icons. This improves navigation and can keep visitors engaged longer on the site.

Optimising for Search Engines and Google Business Profile

The website and Google Business Profile are not optimised for key phrases like “female self-defence classes.” or “self-defence classes Cheltenham”. Incorporate relevant keywords naturally into your website’s content, page titles, and meta descriptions. Also, update your Google Business Profile services with detailed information, ensuring it includes these key terms. This will improve your visibility in search results for these phrases.

Streamlining Header Tags

Having six H1 tags (main headers) is excessive and can confuse search engines about the main focus of each page. Restructure the content with only one H1 tag per page, representing the primary subject. Use H2 and H3 tags for subsections, maintaining a clear hierarchy. This helps search engines understand and rank your content better.

Active Krav Maga is doing great, but there is always room for improvement. Implementing these changes might encourage more sign-ups, which in turn would help classes grow in new areas.

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