SEO for Personal Trainers – Live Business Breakdown #001

by | 18 Dec, 2023

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Today’s website review is of Gym 117’s website, a personal training gym in Cheltenham. They have done a great job with their Google Business Profile and are actually ranking first in the local map pack! However, they are missing some of the core elements needed to thrive in organic search.

They may be limited by Ueni, which is their Content Management System (think WordPress, Wix, Squarespace etc), so not all of this advice may be able to be implemented.

Here’s what I covered in today’s breakdown:

Call-to-Action Missing

Gym 117’s website doesn’t have a clear call-to-action. This means it’s not guiding visitors to sign up or contact them, which is a missed chance to turn visitors into customers.

What makes a good Call to action
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Weak Main Heading

The main heading focuses too much on the brand and not enough on what potential clients are looking for. It should directly speak to the client’s needs and goals whilst including local keywords. Example – “The Number 1 Personal Training Gym in Cheltenham”.

Before and After Photos

The site doesn’t have before and after photos. These are important in the fitness world to show real results and help potential clients visualise the transformation.

No Contact Form

There’s no contact form on the site, making it harder for interested people to get in touch or ask about services. Add a simple contact page and form. If you have the system set up, an online booking would also work.

Missing ‘About’ Page

There’s no page telling the story of Gym 117, its values, or its background. This page is key for connecting with visitors on a more personal level. It also helps with ranking. Use E-E-A-T to create the perfect about page.

about page e-e-a-t
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Hard to Navigate

It’s hard to get back to the home page, which can annoy users and make them leave the site. Add a link to your homepage or, even better, your logo to the header that links to your homepage. Similar to my logo at the top left of this page.

Not Enough Backlinks or Citations

There aren’t enough external sites linking to Gym 117’s website. This affects how well it ranks in search engines and makes it harder to find online. A great new local directory listing is – Local Noticeboard, or you can pay a company like Bright Local to bulk-build them for you.

Repetitive Titles

Many pages have the same title, which confuses search engines and harms the site’s visibility. Make each page title, H1 and meta description unique.

Missing Key Terms

Important words like “exercise” are missing from the content, which could impact the site’s search engine ranking for relevant topics. To see which relevant words you might be missing, you can use tools like on-page.ai

Gym 117’s website has a lot of potential to grow! Working on these issues would improve their online presence, improve user experience, and ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate of visitors to clients. In the competitive fitness industry, it’s important to have all angles covered, and hopefully, Gym 117 can put these tips into practice to climb up the search ranking!

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