From declining visitors to a 70% increase in traffic for this unique eCommerce store.

The Client

The Impossible Floating Tap Company (TIFTC) is a family eCommerce company founded in Northamptonshire. The father/son company has invented a magical water feature which appears as if it is floating in thin air! Popular with inquisitive children and shopkeepers looking to stand out, you can’t help but stop and wonder how it works.

a pink floating water feature


Increase in Organic Sessions


Increase in Organic Revenue


Increase in mobile traffic sessions


TIFTC has seen great success over the years with a DIY Shopify template. Unfortunately, things began to slow down after the pandemic. After a couple of months of slow sales and declining traffic, Conscious Vision was asked to help turn things around.

The brief was clear: Bring traffic and revenue back up to previous levels.

The budget was tight, and it was going to be a challenge. There wasn’t any room for content marketing, link building or a premium Shopify template, so we had to work with what we had.

During our video review, we noticed a lack of H1s, and meta descriptions. The product page copy was very hard to read with the homepage had no copy at all.

The website also wasn’t mobile-friendly, which is incredibly important for digital marketing today.

Strategy & Campaign Rollout

Analytics hadn’t been set up anywhere so we indexed the sitemap with Google Search Console and set up GA4 to monitor data.

There were also a lot of conversion techniques missing that could make a large difference to the performance of this awesome eCommerce store.

For example:

  • No call to action
  • No reviews
  • No mention of a guarantee or warranty

TIFTC had a fantastic, innovative product but didn’t ask anybody to buy it or show proof that they had sold hundreds of taps worldwide.

As part of our conversion SEO packages, we include foundational CRO techniques like these in order to help the new traffic from SEO convert.

We added the missing conversion infrastructure and advised on collecting Trustpilot reviews for future orders. As they had only collected reviews from their eBay store, we linked to those reviews to boost trust with the audience.

By researching keywords and creating copy that would make the business more appealing. This new copy would blend SEO with direct marketing copywriting to encourage sales whilst ranking.

TIFTC homepage Before

floating tap website before

TIFTC homepage after

the floating tap website after optimsations
objection handling floating tap

We created copy that handled objections such as build quality.

copy that handles objections around energy use<br />

And any energy consumption related objections.

As mentioned, the website suffered on mobiles, so we compressed the images and layout in order for it to flow better and increase potential mobile traffic. The free tool TinyJPG is incredible at doing this without affecting the quality of the image!


Because we couldn’t launch a full SEO campaign with backlinks and content, we knew we had to make the traffic that we were already getting convert.

We turned traffic who would usually leave straight away into new sessions and increased them by 70%!

The mobile traffic that struggled to use the website increased by 50%, and most importantly, Q2 revenue increased by 11% compared to the previous year.

floating tap results showing an increase in revenue and organic sessions

Organic sessions up 70% with revenue up 11%!

floating tap order value up 7%

Average order value increased by 7%!

floating tap mobile sessions increased by 50%

Mobile sessions increased by 50%!

We left TIFTC with free advice on how to improve their website further by adding videos, Trustpilot reviews and content marketing ideas. 

“Jimmy from Conscious Vision is superb to work with. His passion for his work and the people he supports is evident from the beginning and shows in the personalised service he provides. Our website visitors increased by 100% in 30 days and he reignited my passion for the business. I can’t recommend him highly enough, if you’re wanting to improve your online presence look no further.”

The Impossible Floating Tap Company


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